Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blessings With Time

I've got two really good seats to see Chris Tomlin tomorrow (Wed.) night at 7:00 at the spirit bank center in Bixby. I paid 30 each for them but will sell them for 25 each if anyone wants them. Or if anyone wants to be my date, you can come for free with me and I'll drive. ;) If you don't want to be my date and you would prefer to bring that man in your life, let me know. Matt and I can't go.. long story that involves transients.

I've seen him in concert before and he ranks up there as one of my all time favorites... so good. Anyways, I'd love to go with someone, but if someone wants them just let me know, you'll be getting a smashing deal considering they will be charging 5 bucks more at the door.

Who: Chris Tomlin
Where: Bixby, Spirit Bank Center
When: Wed. Feb. 4th at 7:00pm'
Cost: 50bucks for both
Seats: Section 101 Row F Seats7 &8 Matt and I sat in these seats for SCC & MWS and they were perfect.

Ok, let me know. Hope everyone is well. Let me know if you want them or want me.. (growl)
Megan Knox

That is the email I sent to some of my friends here in B'ville.

I bought tickets months ago, for Matt and I to see Chris Tomlin. Our plan was to drop the kids off at his parents, go to the concert, which is just miles from their house, go back to my in-laws, stay the night and go home on Thursday.

That plan had to be changed.. long story, not for here. But my in-laws were unavailable. So I called a few people and they couldn't go. I had decided I would go alone, but felt guilty about wasting Matt's ticket. So I sent the above email.

I got a response from a friend. She offered to watch our kids tonight so Matt and I could go. So sweet of her.. But if you'll read the previous post, you will see one of the random things about me is I don't receive 'things/help/blessings' from people very well. This offer she made was great, but made me feel weird.

I talk to my SIL who says her hubby struggled with the same 'receiving blessings syndrome' I now suffer from. She told me how he realized when we turn down some one's offer to help or give, we are rejecting God! AND she's right. She went on to say how by people blessing us and you, God may have a blessing for them and if we reject their help they may not be able to receive what God had in the works for them! WOWZERS!! What a revelation!

I saw watching my children as a chore not something that could bless them. I see it that way not b/c I don't love my children, but Chloe has been slightly difficult lately. Basically, she is being mean to me and I'm finding it hard to want to be around her. I know she'll grow out of it and it's just a phase, but my feelings are hurt SOOO that being said, I was not understanding how anyone, other than family, could want to spend time with my kiddos. (Chloe is sweet to everyone else, it's just me she's mean too.)

I now realize blessing don't only come in the shape of money, cars, houses, food and material things, but blessings can come in the form of a clock or time. When someone buys me a chai latte, I felt so blessed, but now if someone offers to watch my children, I feel more blessed and I pray that God blesses them ten fold for their sacrifice of their time.

My brother in law told Matt a story one time. We were struggling financial. This was right before we moved to the ranch. We would spend weekends out there staying with they boys while the 'normal' house parents would take a weekend off. The weekends we would stay, the ranch would pay us. We didn't like taking the money b/c it didn't' feel like work to us but yet we really needed that money. Matt was telling this to his brother and his brother shared a story/ parable. haha

There was this guy trapped on the roof. The water was raging all around him, he couldn't get off of his roof or he's drown. A raft comes by, "Hey, sir, you want a ride?" The man said, "No, the Lord will save me." So they left. Then a boat comes by, "Hey, sir, you want to get in?" The man said, "No the Lord will save me." So the boat left. Then a helicopter comes by, "Hey, sir, you want to get in?" The man said, "No the Lord will save me." So the helicopter left. Moral of the story? God will help you or bless you, it just may not be in the form you are used to seeing.

Thanks friends.


  1. Does this mean you went? If so I hope you and Matt had a FANTASTIC time.


  2. I am so glad you guys went! I cant wait to hear about your time.


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