Monday, February 2, 2009

Trip To The Zoo

Saturday morning, we met some friends at the zoo. The day couldn't have been better AND the zoo is half price on the weekends! I thought I'd share some of my pictures with you. These have not been edited.
The first animals we visited were the chimps. They were all outside eating ice from the 'pond.' If you look in its hand you can see something white. It's ice.

Coop halfway through the day. We made a pit stop to pee, poop, eat and wait on some other friends that were going to join us. Coop looks semi awake. This was before his bottle.

And this is Coop post bottle. He fell asleep in the stroller and slept the rest of the time we were there, so a few hours.
Roadrunner "Beeeeep, beeeeep."

The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. Gorgeous. Which state lays claim to this bird as their state bird? Bueller?

"Her name was Lola, she was a show girl." I don't know why that song pops into my head EVERY TIME I see a flamingo.

This possibly could be Lola.
Not Lola and not a razorback and not a pig... Any guesses?

Ahh the life of a sea lion a relative of the seal.
And then it rolled over on its belly. Soon thereafter, it took a swim.
It was his 28th birthday Saturday. In the wild they can live to be 25-30, in captivity, 30-40. His name is Yukon and he was given presents right before I walked up. No one knew what was in the boxes, but whatever it was he rarely looked up from eating it.

The commonality among the animals this day was napping. The weather was so beautiful it called for a nap.
King of the Jungle also napping.
His Queen also napping.

Possibly napping. Although, this giraffe lost the love of his life last year. She died soon after having a miscarriage. I read that giraffe's are better at the marriage thing that humans. They stay with one man or woman for life and it's hard to pair them back up with another when their lover dies. Poor guy.
That ended our day. I didn't get many pictures, but our friends took some that were different and better than mine. He's a pro though, literally.


  1. your pics are incredible! I love the lion pics! Everytime we go to the zoo the lions are hiding...the last 3 times we have been we haven't been able to see them:( Looks like a fun day!

  2. How fun! Coop is looking more and more like it! So Casey may be up there in B-town in March...

  3. Lokks like you had a fantastic time. No pics of Chloe?


  4. I did post a pic of Chloe.. you didn't see it.. It's the first one, she's standing near the pond eating ice..

  5. You ARE funny!


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