Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blessed Random-ness

I've been the recipient of a lot of awards today and they are starting to make me feel a little funny. Kind of like, either perhaps people like me or perhaps I'm their only option. I was tagged by Daniele and blessed with an award BUT be prepared b/c I am going to break the rules.

First, the above picture is the fourth picture from the fourth folder in the picture area of my computer. It's Chloe Joy on Thanksgiving in 2006, she was almost 4 months old. I can remember this picture. I told my MIL I didn't have any professional pictures taken of Chloe and didn't plan on it, so she being a grandmother who needs grandkid pictures like a crack addict need their crack. I pleased her and let her create a 'backdrop' for her to snap pictures of Chloe. And apparently I snapped some too, b/c I have them. Keep in mind this was taken with my 4mp point and shoot.

I also was blessed with another award, but I am not going to show you b/c I am embarrassed. But I will partake in part of the rules. I have to say seven random things about myself. This should be fun b/c I am already random. I just hope I can be random enough.

1) I am extremely anal. If I start a grocery list and mess up, I have to start over. Once the list is made, I have to re-write it so it's nice and perrrty. If Matt writes on my list, he has to listen to me moan and groan and then I'll re-write it again. My list is separated by the aisles in Wal-Mart. I used to be very detailed and intricate about my list when we worked at the boys ranch. Believe it or not I've loosened up a little. (tiny tiny bit)

2) I go by my middle name. My first name is Jeanne. (Like I Dream of Jeannie) So ya, when word got around in h.s. that my middle name was Jeanne, I heard, "Can I rub your bottle?" all day long. In college, on the first day of a new semester, I would have to correct EVERY teacher. The professor would say, "Raise your hand when I call your name." My name would be next, "Umm, aahh, J, uhh, Jean(Gene), Jean Ann, Ja Ja neeen???" I'd say, "It's Jeanne, but I go by Megan." Their response, "Oh ok, Megan(Magen)." I learned to just let it go.

3) My eyebrows are blonde.

4) I don't like it when people do nice things for me. I'm the one who likes to do nice things for people. I'm not a good receiver. I'm trying to work on it.

5) In college, I was homeless and slept on a couch for a whole semester. The girls I lived with played soccer so they were rarely home. My closet was the water heater closet. Once, maintenance came by and had to go in the water heater closet and they wanted to know why there were clothes in the closet. We lied and one of the girls said, "Oh I need more closet space."

6) I don't like my hands to be dirty. In college, I would eat my sandwich with a fork. Ya, I got made fun of, but they were my friends; I think.

At the ranch. This was probably my biggest while there. Not that big, but fun to catch. Notice no eyebrows.

7) I really really love to fish and I'm pretty good at it. We haven't fished much, what am I saying, we haven't fished in well, since March of 2007! I caught a huge huge bass. So big, Matt thought I was just hung up and that I should cut my line, but I knew there was a fish on there. So after about half an hour of trying to get it in and 'it' not moving, 'it' finally started acting like a fish. I got it up to the surface and started yelling, "MATT MATT MATT IT'S ON THERE, I GOT IT!!!" I was freaking out. We were standing on a dock so our reach into the water was obstructed by the railing. Matt reaches in to grab her and if I'm lying I'm dying. That fish jumped in the air and swam away. She was huge. Even Matt will agree. The part of the story that's near unbelievable? On my hook was a crappie. Now I was fishing with minnows in order to catch crappie... SOOO what happened is, the crappie ate the minnow the exact time the bass was going after the crappie. That's why I didn't feel it! I didn't have her(bass) hooked b/c she was trying to eat the crappie! I lost three large bass that day. I haven't been back since. I have entered counseling.

At the ranch. Matt caught a lot of big fish out there.

At the ranch.


  1. Okay, I thought I was the only crazy women out there that had to rewrite her grocery list by aisle and it has to be in order before I leave!

  2. I was looking through your blog this morning and my 4 year old was in here with me. She saw the picture of your husband and said "hey there is Tim" haha I thought that was so funny!


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