Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wishing For A Zit

Has your head been so clogged with snot, boogers and gunk that you actually wished for anything that would bring relief?

I was pushing around on my face, mainly on the sides of my nose area. Then my fingers moseyed their way up around my eyes and then towards my jaws for a little massage. I grind my teeth at night and every once in a while I need a jaw massage.

While pushing and rubbing my face, I noticed that my eyes felt as if they were going to pop right out of my head! I ceased all rubbing just in case the, "your face will stay like that" comeback to an insult is true.

So I thought to myself on ways to get relief...

1) Medicine- Check. It isn't working

2) Go to the Doctor- No check. I'm a cheap-skate (sp).

3) Pop my head with a needle- No check, that might be messy

4) A ZIT?- Maybe a zit, when popped, would relieve the pressure!?

So I'm wishing for either a zit or an adult sized nasal suction bulb thingy. I tried using Cooper's, but my nose is too large.


  1. Hey, I had horrible problems with sinus infections during my first year of teaching I had 8 sinus infections from December 06 to December 07. For Christmas 2007 my parents bought me a nasal wash bottle and salt(Weird Christmas present but it is great). It is called Nasopure and it is AMAZING! Since then I've had a 1/2 of a sinus infection. I call it a 1/2 because it never fully developed. Anyway, I used the Nasopure was every morning in the shower up each nostril. Sounds gross but it really isn't once you get used to it. I think you can get the Nasopure bottles and salt at a whole food store or maybe a drug store. It might seem like it doesn't do much because you won't see anything come out of your nose when you wash it but I promise it helped me! Here is the website the lady in the video looks a little too happy but it is great! Hope that helps.

  2. Aaron also uses something like the nasopure. It's called SinuCleanse. He got it from him chiropractor but it sounds like it works the same. I haven't ever needed it but Aaron says it works great. Sorry you feel like poo.



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