Friday, April 8, 2011

Mission Accomplished

I just spent a few moments reviewing the past three days, how it's been a whirlwind of running here, there and everywhere. The emotions have been high, low and somewhere in between. Apparently a side effect is 'inability to sleep.' I realized that this morning when I woke at 4:30am, got up at 5:00,went into "crazy cleaning, accomplish the world" mode all day, that something was up and I wanted more 'roids.

I was thinging about the people I encountered today and the past two days.

There was a pregnant lady, 26 weeks to be exact. She walked in after me on Wednesday. She didn't look good. Apparently she pukes her guts out 24/7 and has to have almost constant fluids put into her through her PIC line. Yes, the poor girl has a PIC line in her inner arm, near her armpit. I started talking to her, wanted to hear her story.

She's having their first daughter and has an almost three year old son at home. Husband lost his job recently due to 'restructuring.' She's a dental hygienist, loves her job, but has been unable to work much because she's constantly at the hospital. She can't have a home health care nurse because she works out of the home. Has mounting medical bills, BUT her baby is healthy. I asked if she has a church home, she does. Sweet girl, just sick of vomiting.

The other person in the area was Mr. Bob. I didn't speak to Mr. Bob, I wanted to but the poor man was having a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy. And yes, it sounds as bad as it was. He was a tough cookie though, never made a sound. When I heard the Dr. explain the procedure I nearly cried for the man. It's believed he has a form of lymphoma. Sad. He sure did have an amazing attitude. I heard him say he doesn't have much energy anymore and can muster enough to work in the yard.

There was a lady on Thursday who was getting a blood transfusion. That same day was an elderly man, who looked like he had cancer. He was getting something dripped into him. He looked so frail. It hurt my heart.

I wondered why I was there. It's not like God said, "Ah pearly gates, I lost Megan again. Where did I send her? Hey Peter! Where's Megan?"

He sent me there. He had a mission.

When I walked out of those doors, I hope, He smiled and said, "Mission Accomplished."

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