Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Of The Crockpot

I've made an executive decision.

Our house is old; 1950's. This means that when the AC is on, we cool the 2 feet radius around our house. This also means when the heater is on we warm the 2 feet radius around our house. Point. Our house is not efficient. If I use the oven, my house will be warm all day long, therefore in the summer time, I rarely use the oven.

The decision:

THEME: CROCKPOT the summer in which I use my crockpot liberally.

This summer I will challenge myself to not use the oven for cooking our dinners. I will still use the stove top, but phase out the use of the dreaded oven.

I found a recipe the other day and have cooked it three times in the past 2 weeks. It's on the invite list to the crockpot party. If you have a crockpot meal you love share it with me!

 Crockpot Chicken Tacos (with leftovers for Tortilla Soup)

Forgive me if i misplaced an A in for the O in the word crockpot any where in this post. I do not proofread.

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  1. Megan,
    I find that if I set my crockpot on top of the stove & run the range fan that my kitchen stays even cooler when I crockpot & it also doesn't get that overpowering cooking smell that lingers.
    Or perhaps I'm the only one who gets that stale 2nd day crockpot smell?

    I like your idea of the crockpot for summer. Please keep sharing the good recipes you find!


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