Thursday, April 7, 2011

Revamped To Do's

To Do's for April 6, 2011

  • Take kids to school

  • Pray while driving to neuro, ask God to heal me

  • Run to the neuro, tell him how you have felt pretty good and be excited about it

  • Drink coffee lots of coffee

  • Make a short 1 item run to Wal-Mart

  • Take some donate items by Birthright

  • Take C2's shot records to school

  • Pick up kids

  • Cook dinner

  • Corral kids the rest of the evening

That's as far as I got on that list.

Now let me present the "To Do List that actually got To Do'd"

  • Take kids to school

  • Run to neuro and nearly fall out in the lobby of the building

  • Panic

  • Cry

  • Panic

  • Cry

  • Beg

  • Talk to dr only I have no idea what I was saying to him

  • Talk to dr only I have no idea what he was saying to me

  • Get charged for the visit in which no one knew what anyone was talking about

  • Pull Matt from work to take me to hospital

  • Get an IV full of steroids

  • Cuddle with C3 while getting meds dripped into my forearm

  • Be thankful I'm not the lady next door getting an IV because I'm pucking my guts out and I'm pregnant

  • Be told by a nurse I get to leave the line in my arm until after my infusion Friday. When I tell her I'm a Mom to three littles, she just says, "I'll wrap it really well."

  • Have a mouth that tastes like I've been eating batteries or licking metal posts

  • Be the recipient of a massive headache

  • Matt picks up kids

  • Make a run to kid's school because C2 beloved 'silky' was left

  • Reassure C1 I'm not bleeding to death

  • Reassure C2 "it doesn't hurt"

  • Have dinner brought to us by a dear friend

  • Realize how many people care for me

  • Figure out how to accept the offers of help

  • Lay in bed all evening

  • Cuddle with C2 in my bed because he loves to cuddle

  • Smile about the thought of my lug of butter loving to cuddle

  • Watch church online with M1 (husband)

  • Sit in bed while my house sleeps typing this post and think "I should definitely stop drinking coffee before bed

  • Then decide I will stop when it becomes super hot

  • I need a pedicure

  • Listen to M1 sleep

  • Thank God

  • Don't scratch a single item of the list because everything happened so fast you forgot a pen

After my convo with God this morning and then the way things happened, one might say to ones self "Hmm, this is not what I pictured today looking like." So as Matt is driving us back to The Ville, I said to myself "Hmm, this is not what I pictured today looking like."

So as I wiggle my tongue like a horse with peanut butter in the mouth only I have metal in mine, I will end with this...

Psalm 144: 3-4 "O Lord, what are human beings that you should notice them, mere mortals that you should think about them? 4 For they are like a breath of air; their days are like a passing shadow." NLT

Life is short. David reminds us that it is "like a breath" and that our "days are like a passing shadow." Because life is short, we should live for God while we have the time. Don't waste your life by selecting an inferior purpose that has no lasting value. Live for God- He alone can make your life worthwhile, purposeful, and meaningful. -YouVersion Bible App

I've been using the Life Application Study Bible ® Devotion Reading Plan at You might enjoy it, or one of the many other plans that are available. Check it out at

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