Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saving Souls

Warning: This post will contain oozing thoughts. Oozing thoughts are unpredictable and can not be contained. The ooze goes where it pleases.

"Ahh, warm water. Ugh, that's dirt." I said to myself as I was washing my feet in the bathtub. I don't like my feet to feel dirty. In fact, I always have a pair of socks on when in my house. The cold floor plus remnants of everything the kids have eaten since the last time I vacuumed or swept, is something my feet and my psychy can't handle, so I always wear socks.

That was how the morning ended.

This is how it began...

Me talking to God: Today is One Day Without Shoes, cool huh? (I proceed to tell him what it's all about as if He doesn't know.)
God: You should go without today.
Me: Eh, I'll have to walk in a parking lot and into the Y. You know that's gross! People will stare, talk, some might cackle, whisper, make fun.....
God: They do the same stuff to me Megan, I know the drill. You used to be a little attention drawer, go draw some attention.
Me: But..
God: GO

"She doesn't have any shoes on." Said a lady to her friend as they were walking out of the YMCA as I was walking in. I'm not sure who she thought I was, if I suffered from a memory problem and forgot to put shoes on this morning or if I was some radical tree hugging, kumbaya singing, kid lugging mom that doesn't wear shoes because they contain chemicals. I don't know, but the shock in her voice was quite humorous.

Went to my Bible study, studied, prayed, grabbed the kids and left. Walking to the car, more people whispered about my bare feet. By now, my feet are frozen and the asphalt is slightly painful, especially that itty bitty pebble that was stuck to my heel.

Dropped my maternity clothes off with a friend, she's having her third boy. I made a point while walking back to the car, to walk on her grass. I needed to feel something soft.

As soon as I got home, I headed to the tub to warm and wash my feet.

God: As you wash your feet clean, do you see how symbolic all of this is?
Me: Yep. (I talk like a hick to God, His idea not mine since He created me.)

Today is One Day Without Shoes. TOMSshoes and Compassion joined forces to bring awareness to all the kids in the world who don't have shoes. Some can't go to school because shoes are part of the uniform. Some get serious infections that are completely a million percent preventable with soles on their feet.

It might seem like a simple thing; go without shoes. But it's so much deeper than not grabbing your flip flops as you leave the house.

While praying in my Bible study the leader said something that was perfect. "Jesus, as we pray for the soles of people's feet, we also pray for their souls to be filled with You."

That's really what it's all about for me. I will go without shoes for souls.

*For every pair of shoes bought, TOMSshoes donates a pair. One for One*

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