Thursday, July 3, 2008

My 'Barrel Making Gift from God'

My 'barrel making gift from God' is my Cooper Matthew. It may not be as powerful as other names, but I figured the 'Gift from God' part took up for the barrel making part. I just like the name Cooper, it's a good athlete's name.
"Up to bat, hitting 3rd and playing short stop is Coooooperrrr Knox!" and the crowds cheer and the girls giggle.

Three months ago today at 0210, my barrel maker was born weighing 7lbs 10oz 20.5" long.

Here we are today weighing almost 14lbs!! and measuring 24" long!! It won't be long before he's bigger than our petite Chloe Joy.

He is the sweetest little person ever. Chloe was never much of a cuddler and still isn't unless she's sick. Our little Coop loves to be held, talked to, rocked, sung to and played with. He doesn't much care to be with out us which is cute, but can be annoying. Luckily he sleeps through the night, so I'll take the daily lovin' on.

He's been in the bassinet since we brought him home and tonight will be his first night in his crib. (Long story as to why he is just now leaving our room. We kicked Chloe out of our room at 6 weeks! No wonder she's Miss Independent!)

(Here is Cooper's room, poor guy. When we found out we were moving soon (by soon I mean I don't know when) we didn't hurry to decorate. We are just now getting around to buying his mattress! Matt finished the crackle and I like it, he hates it.)

I could have picked up the room for these pictures, but I'm just being real. His room is a disaster and with Matt's new job, Cooper's room got bumped on the priority list. "Sorry buddy. Thankfully, you won't remember."

Chloe is as much in love with Cooper as we are. First thing in the morning when I get her out of bed, "Pooper? Sshh, Pooooper." When she sees him she'll say, "HIEEEE POOOOPER!" She says it like "Well, there you are." He'll just grin and coo at her. I've caught her in his face saying, "What? What?" You know like we adults do to infants when they are talking? She's a sweet sister.

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