Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Dog Lover

Dogs have been getting a bad rap lately in the media. So I'm going to show you 'World's Greatest Dog." On Tuesday nights, we have Bible study, but during the summer we just have a 'gathering'; kids play and adults hang out.

Chloe in her cover up. She wouldn't leave it on, the zipper was fascinating and tasty. I was too afraid she'd choke, so we took it off.

This is Chloe begging Katie for ice cream.
She was lining up the ducks on the edge of the pool and talking to them.
Now here is Chloe's bestest friend, Scout/Cout Dog. Sam, the little boy who lives at this house, wasn't home, so Chloe literally played with Scout the whole time. She'd walk around the yard, "where'd Cout dog go?" Scout, or Cout in Chloe jive, would just walk around the yard avoiding Chloe dumping water on her. Scout is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She lets Chloe hug her, kiss her, pull her tail, chase her and ride her.
Here's Scout eyeballing squirrels in the neighbor's yard. Chloe lined up the ducks in front of her, which is funny b/c Scout is a retriever and she's a pro at retrieving ducks for Clay, the home owner. Chloe would take them one a time to Scout and place them in front of her and tell her something I couldn't understand. I'm guessing she was telling Scout they were ducks.

Oh and to answer your question of "do you guys have a dog?" That would be a negative. We take Chloe to Sam's house to get her dog fix. "We should get her one." you say. "UMM, no. Not until she can help take care of it and we have a yard." Why buy the dog when you can play with it for free?

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  1. Thanks for the Scout blog...poor thing is so neglected at our house that she does not even get honored by a "blog" from her owner.


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