Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tasty, Uncharacteristically, Healthy Treat

Chloe is a big big fan of yogurt, so in an effort to save money, which I think I failed, I bought a big jug of Stonyfield Organic French Vanilla yogurt. I thought it would be cheaper and less waste than the individual servings. On the back was a recipe I thought I'd try. I'm not a big fruit and veggie person, due to reasons only God can explain, but I can do a smoothie as long as there are zero chunks. Here is the recipe:

Pomegranate Passion Smoothie

1 1/2 cup pomegranate juice (It's kind of expensive, but Northland is the cheapest I could find. The other brand I saw was POM, but it was more expensive and you didn't get as much. It had slightly less sugar, but pomegranate is naturally sweet; I think. The ingredient list did not show any added sugar. After looking on the back, it says they add filtered water to reconstitute pomegranate juice. Not sure what that means, but if some one has a better brand let me know. Click on their name and it will take you to the ingredient list.)

1 cup French Vanilla Yogurt (I used the Stonyfield Farms Organic, but any brand would be good I would think. If you click on their name it will take you to their site and you can print coupons.)

2 bananas, peeled (Now, I only add one banana, otherwise it's too bananaee for me. If you like bananas toss them in. I keep mine in the fridge, with peel on, so they help add chill to the smoothie. I also freeze some that are peeled.)

1 cup blueberries (This helps give it that extra sweet boost. I bought some at the "Farmer's Market" here in B'ville and the more I got to thinking about it, I don't think those blueberries were farm raised. So I just buy good ol' Great Value brand.)

Ice to taste (I added ice to mine even though it isn't listed on the ingredients. The ice gives it that extra chill and I don't know, I like smoothies better with ice.)

Toss everything in the blender and blend until smooth. I blend mine for quite a while as to ensure no chunks. Makes two tall glasses.

Even Chloe will try this, keyword try. I drank mine before this post, or I would have taken pictures of it for you.

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