Saturday, July 5, 2008

This Time Last Year

As many of you may remember, it flooded here in B'ville last year and Matt's store was in the thick of it.

The picture above and below are from the evening the water was rising. These were taken from his parking lot. Above is the business next door and below is across the street.

This picture below shows what we saw the next morning from a block away.

The water got 2ft. to 2.5 feet high inside. This event began a long ordeal of finding a new location, getting a building built and moving multiple times. Things still are being worked out. BUT luckily Matt doesn't have to worry about flooding anymore. The picture above is a full shot, I didn't zoom in on the store. Matt's store is the blue building behind the U-Haul trucks. Behind the billboard is the yellow building in the pictures above. If you look to the upper right side of the picture there is a bridge. That is where the Verdigris River is located.

Later this day or the next I can't remember, Matt borrowed a kayak and paddled to the store to retrieve some important paper work and cash that was left. We didn't think it would get this high.

The water was being funneled down the road directly in front of his store. The water is moving at a very high rate of speed, he almost didn't make it back. He said it kept pushing him back and sideways. (I advised against this little idea, but he was worried about losing the cash.) If he hadn't been able to fight the current he would have ended up across town.

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