Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wearing Chloe Out!

We don't get out much during the day, the three of us. It's a lot of work taking them some where are there isn't a place to go that is cool enough, temperature wise, for Cooper. SO what usually happens is Matt gets home, we eat dinner and he puts on a smile as I say, "We need to get Chloe out of the house. Where do you want to go, Sooner Park, Dino Park or Kiddie Park?" (Matt now commutes to northeast Tulsa, so his days got longer.) We are so Okie that sometimes we will take her to Wal-Mart just so she can see people. Usually I need something anyways and it's cooler than outdoors.

We've been going to the Kiddie Park more often this year than last, since Chloe is bigger. The Kiddie Park for the non-Bartians (Bartlesville residents) is a mini amusement park. The rides have been flooded a few times and I think they were built in the Roaring 20's, but they still work. Chloe loves loves loves going there.

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