Thursday, May 28, 2009

8 Pathways To God

I've listened to a lot of talks, sermons, lectures, prayers, advice or just ramblings. A lot of those words went in one ear and out the other, but some I can remember very vividly. The words never left for some reason.

In February of 2000, a guy named Sam Roberts came to UCO and spoke to our FCA huddle. Sam worked, and still does, for Back then it wasn't as large of a church, but it was up and coming. I started going to that church in 1999, so I knew who Sam was.

Anyways, he spoke about what he thought were the 8 pathways to God and how every Christian doesn't 'meet/learn/feel close to' God the same way.

This was HUGE for me. I always felt guilty that I didn't get from scripture what my roommate got. The words didn't jump off the page for me like they did for her. I thought, "Man, what am I doing wrong? Why am I not feeling close to God like she is when she reads her Bible? How come tears don't flow from my eyes when I read like they flow from hers?"

I have remembered this talk for the past nine years, BUT I could NEVER remember all 8 pathways. I only could remember the two that had applied to me; still do. Well, God is funny.

Our local cable company, has a channel. On that channel they run ads for non-profits wanting to get the word out on an upcoming event. I read that a local church was going to start a Beth Moore study called Believing God. I knew I had the book, so I thought I would start reading it and see if it was any good. Yesterday, I grabbed the book and opened it up. Inside were the notes I took back in February of 2000! Eureka!!!

So I want to share with you Sam's sermon from that night. Enjoy.
  1. Relational - in solitude, in a community (Hebrews 10:25) "I equate this NOW to being in a life group."
  2. Intellectual - mind is fully engaged, likes challenging things, brilliant "I equate this to a philosophical person."
  3. Servant/Serving - doing things for others, volunteering (Mark 10:45)
  4. Contemplative - song writers, poets, daydreamers (Ps. 46:10) "Read the verse and it will make sense."
  5. Activist - adrenaline junkies, love to be active, likes tasks that no one else will do. "This reminds me NOW of the guy who wrote Under The Overpass." (a must read)
  6. Creation/ Nature - likes nature things, sunsets, animals (Ps. 96:11-12)
  7. Worship- during worship time (Judges 5:3)
  8. Giving - feel God has blessed them, wants to give everything, time and talents. (2Cor. 9:7)
After he said these words, I felt like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I realized when I get so emotional at a song, or emotional by the look of a sunset, that is God meeting me like he did for my roommate when she read Scripture.

Back then numbers 6 & 7 applied. But I think as I have matured into a 'stronger' yet at times slacking Christian, more of these apply. I would venture to say, as I mature as a Christian, soon I will be able to meet God through all 8 Pathways to Him.

My pathways today, 2009, are still 6 & 7 and 2, 3 & 8.

What are yours?


  1. This is great. I think I feel closest to God when I'm in the middle of nature. When Aaron and I were in Maui, all those years ago, I saw the biggest rainbow I'd ever seen stretching across the top of a volcano. It's great to have reminders of what our Father has and is continueing to promise us.


  2. I like that. Never thought of it that way. I'm a # 1,3, 6, 7 I think. :)

  3. WOW, I can't believe you found your notes!! Awesome! I remember you wrote a post (a long time ago) asking if anyone remembered them and I couldn't. Thanks for sharing! And, we read your comment on Hannah's blog. Thanks for the laugh. :o)

  4. I rarely read your blog, but I checked in because Jessica told me about what you are dealing with right now. Regardless, this message resonated with me then & still does today!

    If it makes you feel better (it won't), I have my notes & know where they are. Guess you should have asked me first, I'm your "phone a friend"!



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