Thursday, May 14, 2009

"The Secret Life Of Bees"

My neighbor texted me the other day, "I'm cleaning and have a bunch of books. Do you want any?"

So I head over. There is one in particular she wants me to read. It's "The Secret Life of Bees."

This was Saturday or Sunday. I started reading it on Monday and by Wednesday I had finished it. Yes, that is pretty fast for a mother of two. "How did I finish that fast?"

Well, it MAY be possible I read while the kids played, napped and ate, but that is just slightly possible. It is also possible I read while Chloe was at school when I should have been doing other things. Again, just slightly possible.

This book was written for people who have minds like mine; detailed, curious and has the ability to step into the book. It is SO well written! I like the little details this book brings to life like the way the air tasted or what The Black Mary looked like. The ending is awful, but the book is really really good.

So I finished the book Wednesday afternoon, got on redbox and tried to find the movie. I rented it and watched it that night. I spent the whole time picking apart the movie. It is very different than the book. I told Matt, "If people watch this movie and don't read the book they are doing themselves a great disservice." The book is filled with so many details that can not be captured on film, only with words.

The words require you to 'create' the people in your mind; what they look like, how they sound, how they dress and how they interact. I think the movie was very close to imitating that, but it wasn't perfect. A few of the main story lines in the book were changed in the movie!!! *grrr*
So I would say to you, "Read the book and only watch the movie if you want to pick it apart."

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  1. I have seen the movie- but I haven't read the book. Sounds like a great book to read.


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