Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Shot In The Spine

Let's recap the doctor, shall we? (If I could talk really fast, I'd be talking like the MicroMachine Guy from the late 80's. Remember him?)

As I'm walking into 'the room,' the injection guy, not sure if he is an official doctor, introduced himself. Very nice guy, we'll call him dr. B. He is a middle aged man, with a moderate accent. He reminded me of the pipe smoking guy on Mr. Deeds.

I get up on the table and it is then I realize there isn't a single female nurse in the room. Awkward. So I'm lying on a table and my crack is just chillin'. It is then I realize another fun fact, these people see a lot of butt cracks during the day. I hope mine was a pleasant crack.

Doctor B begins by numbing my lumbar region, L-5 to be exact. As he's working around my spine with a needle, the only female nurse in the department cracks the door.(HAHAHA cracks the door, so funny.) She begins talking to doctor B about a patient who is still in MRI and will not be up to them for another hour and does he (doctor) want to wait..... blah blah blah.

I tried to keep my trap shut, but out it came, "YOU ARE DISTRACTING HIM!!!!" I told her. It is possible I said this with attitude, seeing as how he has a needle near my spine and is trying to work and talk at the same time. He may be good at it, but not while I'm lying there.

He says, "Nahh," he pauses says, "I'll wait, but you're right" talking to me, "I am distracted." The nurse says, "I'll talk to you in a minute." I'm thinking "DUHHH LADY, your question could have waited 10 minutes.

I didn't get a shot in the neck. Apparently I should have been going to physical therapy for ohh, the past 3 weeks. (oops) Apparently I should have had a home traction unit in my house by now. (oops)

I'm not sure if the shot worked or not because my neck is still messed up. They are in cahoots. My leg has not been tingly all day, but my arm has, so it's a love hate relationship here.

I go back in three weeks for another shot in my lumbar area. That'll give me good time to do some therapy and maybe I won't need another shot.


  1. I am sorry about all of your not feeling well. I haven't been able to keep up on blogs lately. I am sorry to hear it. I hope the shots help

  2. So sorry to hear about this. :( SO proud of you for telling that nurse to close HER trap!! :) Keep us updated!

  3. Hey, I'm glad you spoke up. Good for you! You won't feel any effects in your neck from the shot in the back most likely. You'll just be affected from L5 down from the shot you got. Hopefully the traction will take care of your neck/arm and then you won't need another shot. :) wahoo


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