Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Rare Find

I was cleaning around our bed, which was long long overdue, and found a Buck knife in it's leather case that hooks to a waist band. "Huh, must be Matt's," I thought.

I take into the living room, get it out of the case, "Is this yours?" I ask Matt while noticing an etching of a date on the top of the blade.

He looks at it, "Ya, your Dad gave me that."
I open the blade and see my Dad's initials carved at the base of the blade. The initials were only visible when the blade was open. "But why is your birth month and year etched on there?"

"Umm, I don't know, but that's kind of weird."

I email my Dad and ask him if for sure the knife is Matt's. He tells me it is and that it was his (my dad's) dream knife back then and that he had given it to Matt and Matt could give it to Cooper later on.

I ask him why he etched that date into it. He told me he must have done that when he bought it. "Why? Is that neat?" He asked, totally not getting was I was throwing down.

"Ya, it's neat because you bought that knife the same month Matt was born and we are married and now he has the knife YOU bought the same month he was born!!!"

I thought it was neat.


  1. oooooooo... spooky.

    very very cool though.

  2. I agree. Spooky but very cool.



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