Monday, May 11, 2009

Cooper Species

The following are videos of the species Cooper freaking out because I would not let him have the prized cell phone. This video is him attempting to get it while I torture and tease him in an effort to get him to walk. The reason you can only see his feet? Because I had to hold the phone in front of him like a carrot, so he would walk and Chloe would not be a good videographer. If I scooted too far back he'd just crawl.

This video is just funny and very short.

Here you will see the Cooper species yell, scream, tear up and allow snot to fall out his nose all while trying to grab the elusive pink cell phone. While attempting this feat, he manages to take TWO small steps; the first of his kind.


  1. He will be off and running before long! I love the mad look it is too adorable!

  2. That's great and I love the daisies on the top of your page.

  3. YAY for Coop!!


  4. Wow...I got teary watching him take those steps! That is too awesome, Megan!



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