Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Bite That Keeps On Biting

Chloe is a fillet mignon. She is the property by the sea. She is the triple crown. She is the 15 pound bass. She is the gift that keeps on giving. She is these things to a mosquito.

Chloe stepped outside Wednesday evening for a mere 15 minutes to help Matt water the grass seed. In that mere 15 minutes she accumulated 4 mosquito bites. To most people, mosquito bites don't itch or bother us. Not to Chloe. They turn into quarter, sometimes larger, sized bites that pulsate. Yes, I said pulsate. They turn into a huge knot under the skin. It's awful. Check out the video. You will notice it changing from red to white and back again. It goes to the beat of her heart.

You and I put on underware when we leave the house. I douse Chloe with bug spray. If we were on a deserted island. I'd bring us bug spray.

The doctore doesn't seem all that concerned, but they concern me.


  1. Wow, that is CRAZY! I get big welts, too, but I don't think mine pulsate like that! I'll have to look closer next time.

  2. Did the doctor say what causes an insect bite to pulsate like that? Thank you for sharing this. My son had one of those too! It wasn't in one of the aneurysm alert spots, just on the side of the foot and Hydrocortisone stopped the pulsating and eased the itching. It was so good to find your video because we'd never seen this before. But we are curious as to what makes it pulsate like that. Blood rushing white cells to the area to fight the toxin?

  3. Anonymous,
    When this first happened I called our dr. and he didn't seemed concerned at all. Now I don't know if he thought I was exagerating, but he said to give her Benadryl.

    I have discovered something that keeps the bites from getting as bad as in the video.

    As soon as a bump appears, which is super fast after the bite, I rush her to the tub and scrub her with a bar of soap and rinse it with warm water. I do this a number of times on each bite. She has had a handful since and they have never once gotten as bad as they used to.

    I think these kids are just super super sensitive to mosquitoes. If you find out why they pulsate like that, let me know!


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