Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She's All Growed Up

We officially converted Chloe's crib into a 'big girl' bed, Saturday May 2nd, 2009 at approximately 1:00 pm central. I've been putting off the transition because I am a selfish mom and I enjoy my time eating lunch, sitting alone, drinking coffee, reading, blogging and or doing nothing in peace.

I must compliment Chloe though. She did not get out of bed once during her nap that fateful Saturday. I say she did not get out of bed. She did not come into the living room, just to clarify.

From the looks of the contents and occupants of her 'big girl' bed. It does appear that Miss Joy did in fact get out of bed and retrieve the stuffed animals that were NOT placed in her bed prior to her lying down. It appears she also 'read' a few books, toted one of her 5 baby dolls in the carrier because every good mommy knows the carrier goes to bed with you. There were many items on the floor. My guess is they could not fit properly on the 'big girl' bed WITH Chloe, so they took the best spot available on the floor.

Around 5:00pm central time. Matt and I decided it was high time to wake Chloe up. (sinners we are, I know) We wanted her to sleep like she was still in a crib that night. This is the reaction we got. (Proceed below)

That is Chloe's angry face AND the face of a sister refusing to let her younger yet larger brother play with the contents and occupants of her 'big girl' bed. Come on people, every doll, book, animal, little person, purse, truck, ball and string is for sure Chloe's and NOT Cooper's. Just in case you were curious.
Once Cooper is clear of the 'big girl' bed, all weeping and gnashing of teeth subsided. Then there was a slight silence.

She is doing really great though, I must say. I'll talk about that later though.

(The title is Okie talk for those of you not familiar with hick.)


  1. I remember transitioning Kaleb into his big bed- I held out as long as I could too, so don't feel guilty. The extra occupants in the bed is very cute!

  2. She looks so cute with all her goodies in bed with her. I, for one, am NOT looking forward to converting Katie's bed. For the very same reasons you stated about waiting. Glad it's going so well for you.


  3. Love the face when Cooper is in there! All of those stuffed animals leaves her little room in there to sleep but it is too cute!


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