Friday, May 8, 2009

My Mother's Day Gift

For Mother's Day, Matt took Friday off. Well, I don't think he intentionally took Friday off in order to celebrate Mother's Day. I think he took it off initially because I had a Dr's appointment that morning. Anyways, we got to spend the day together while the kids played at Mama's & Papa's.

Matt wanted to surprise me with a new camcorder, but he can't surprise me because I check the bank account just about every day and I pay the bills. So any odd activity and I'll notice. We stopped by Best Buy to browse. At least I thought we were just going to browse. We head over to the cameras to see if they have the Sony lens I've been dreaming about. They don't, so we go to the camcorders and Matt starts asking me which one I want. Him being a good salesman, he sold me on a Sony and I love it. Here is one of the first videos we took. It's about a minute but if you watch long enough you will see Coop stand for only the second time in his life....

Ok, so now I have to give my husband props. When he bought me this he said, "Aren't you excited about this?"
"I'm really excited. This is going to be nice b/c my cell phone is terrible at video."
"Didn't I do a good job thinking about this?"
"You sure did, very good idea babe."
"I think you need to give me props on your blog."
"I will, but you never read it, so how will you know if I do or not?"

Props to Matt for being thoughtful.


  1. awww... what a great mothers day gift!

    Thank you for sharing! I'm all teary eyed!

  2. That is awesome! The new camera AND the standing Cooper! :-)

  3. thanks for the props babe :)


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