Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Cake

Last night, Chloe got her cake and ate it to...

The Cake (oooo, aahhh, mmmm)

"I'm waiting patiently, mom."

"Ohh, a candle."

"Aahh, don't touch." says Dad.

"Ok," says Chloe. "I'll just take a bite then."

"And another..."

"One more bite before I..."

"...blow out the candle."

"I think I'll snag another bite while dad walks away."

(A frontal view of the cake monster.)

(The damage)

Now she eats like a civilized human being; with her hands.


  1. Is that Funfetti cake? If it is that is my favorite cake, I too get it on my b-day every year!

  2. Chloe seriously has the best smile.

  3. Happy Birthday Chloe!! You are a cute cake monster!!! :)

  4. Hi Megan, I was catching up on your blog and saw these darling birthday pics....great job capturing her excitement.
    Chloe is beautiful!!!!


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