Friday, August 29, 2008

Mama & Papa's House

Chloe spent most of last week and last weekend at Matt's parents-Mama & Papa's.

When we picked her up, she was covered with mosquito bites. She is like a magnet to those things. I'm pretty for sure she's extremely allergic to them. They turn into huge whelps, get a fever, blister, scab and then leave a purplish scar. We have to spray her anytime she steps outside. I once took her out in the morning and didn't think to spray her and she paid the price for my mistake. The same happened at Mama's. I didn't think to tell her to spray her before they go outside in the mornings and Mama didn't think about it either.

She has 16+ bites.

Funny story: Mama has a huge fish tank and there is a shelf underneath that is perfect for Chloe to try and step on in order to see the fish better. I looked at her and caught her stepping on this 'not very safe' shelf and in my fear I yelled, "Chloe, no!" I didn't mean for it to come out of my mouth very loud, I just was scared the tank was going to fall on her. Well, she lost it. Oh my goodness, you would have thought I had killed Elmo. I kept apologizing to her, I picked her up, hugged her, asked her, "are you ok?" I put her down because she said, "uhuh."

She sees Mama and starts crying again while giving me the 'go to uhumm' look, and wants Mama to pick her up. She wanted me to leave her alone and let Mama hold her.

Anyways, good news she had a fabulous time and is still calling me Mama. (She only wishes Mama was still around.) Chloe did come home liking a new food-watermelon!! I bought a watermelon at the store and thought, "Let's see if this 'eating H2Omelon at Mama's' is a fluke."

It wasn't, she had some for lunch today!! Now she's up to a whopping 5 different things!

The pictures in the slide show are the evening we picked her up. When it was time to go, she kept telling Matt and I bye, she wanted to stay. So sweet.

(The dots on her face are bug bites.) When Chloe hurts herself now she grabs what hurts i.e head, arm, leg and says, "bug bite, bug bite."

This picture below, is one of my all time favorites I've taken of her.

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