Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Small Political Soapbox

The Olympics are just around the corner folks!! I have a disappointed excitement. "What do you mean, Megan?" you ask.

Well, I have my opinions about China. I feel like there are so many things that they want the country USA to believe, like they make their inhabitants believe, that aren't true. It seems the things they do that are so evil and wrong are getting hidden behind the curtain that everyone is afraid to pull down. I mean Dorothy wasn't scared of the 'wizard' behind the screen. Now, I know the Chinese people are scared, and brainwashed, by their 'wizard,' but I just don't understand why us as Americans are falling prey to the same 'man' behind the curtain.

I read an article before this post that pushed me to write this blog. I have been fighting the urge to blog about this as to not be 'that girl who talks political talk.' I have political opinions and I usually only share them with Matt and my neighbors, not all of them just one particular couple. They, that particular couple, are on a mission to spread the Gospel to all the world. They have seen and they live the suffering other countries and people go through on a daily basis. I'm not going to go into detail, but they have taught me so so much about what being a Christian truly means. I don't mean the accepting part, I mean what others go through. You and I will never truly understand, unless we live it. I pray we never have to 'live' what 'underground Christian's are living at this moment around the world, and in China.

If China ever does allow freedom of religion, I would bet all the money that was lost in the housing market, that the actually freedom part never happens. They will tell the world they allow freedom of religion, but the fine print will read, "as long as you don't get caught."

People's homes were destroyed for the erection of an Olympic building! The mindset behind the Olympics is to unite, not destroy in order to succeed. I don't know, I've had these bottled angry emotions inside and they need out.

I just 100% disagree with how China treats their own and those seeking a sanctuary from another country. It's kind of the mindset of this scenario.

Scenario: Friends are coming over, our house needs to look its very best so make sure everything is in its place and cleaned. Crap, the furniture doesn't match. Lets just go buy some, even though we can't afford it, we'll put it on the credit card. OR we could just return it when our friends leave. They'll never know. When they get here, we have to make sure the kids are shiny clean, so we had better clean their room. Oh and get rid of that cat, even though it was hear before the friends, who cares! It's just a cat. It'll find another home. What?! The neighbors cat has been living in our backyard? Get rid of it, send it back or better yet call the pound. They'll take care of it.
It's all a facade.

My point is, you can't hide reality forever. Now let me step down off of that soapbox, ouch the concrete is hot... ok I'm down, carry on.

(If this whole post through you for a loop, sorry. Please come back.)

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