Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Ringing Hands

Matt's new job has left him with limited time in the evenings to spend with the kids and myself. So to help make the most of his shrinking time, I have decided to take on yard work. Gasp! you may, but it really isn't that bad.

I've mowed two times this summer. I think Matt has mowed two times as well. What has happened in the past is I would mow and he would weed eat.

I mowed a week ago and he still hasn't weed eated. This normally wouldn't be that bad, but the 'weed beds' in the back yard are starting to look scary and I need to not get lost in them when I begin staging them for the sell of our home. (Yes, I do believe you can stage a home and a flower bed.)

I call Matt, "Hey babe, ummm how do you start this weed eater?"
(Long pause)
"Uhhh, you push the primer button a few times (yada yada yada, I'll spare you the instructions on how to start our Craftsman Weed Eater 3200 gas/oil combo.)
I can hear the fear and hesitation in his voice. I know he's thinking, "I'm going to get a call in about 30 minutes either from her yelling at me b/c she can't get it started OR Bartlesville PD telling him 'your wife has mangled her darling 4month postpartum legs with what they can only guess is a Craftsman Weed Eater 3200 gas/oil combo. Oh and she through it against the house and it no longer works, sir.'"

30 minutes later

"Hey babe. I did it!" I say awaiting his praise and 'atta girl.'
"You did?! Good, whatda think? Did it work ok?"
"Yea, I think we need new string or something. I kind of destroyed the grass uhh weeds. Oh and I thought I'd give edging a try... it's harder than it looks so don't say anything when you get home."
He laughs, "OK, that's fine, it'll grow back."
"Ya, that's what I figured. Plus it was a stress relief for me. I think when I get angry I'll just go weed eat. There's nothing like destroying something to release my tension."
He laughs again and has to go.

Now let me tell you ladies. If you are stressed and in need of a stress reliever, I'm telling you go grab your hubby's weed eater and go to town on your backyard. Not the front because people will see and stare at your clinched jaw and shaky arms.

I can hardly lift my fingers right now, but by George I got some tension out! If you see some misspellings or words that may look slurred, it's because my hands are not functioning at this moment.

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  1. That's awesome. If I didn't have people paid for by my landlord, I'd definitely do that. It's amazing how little things that like (or big things, depending on the project) can make you feel so much better! Oh, and I loved the part about Matt receiving either a call from a ticked-off Megan or the BPD. Funny stuff!


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