Monday, August 18, 2008

The Zoo

The last time we visited the zoo was April 1, 2007. I can't find a picture or I'd show you.

I have been wanting to go back for a long time, but Matt thought it fun to tear his achilles, so our trip got post-poned; until now! (In this slide show you are about to see, I misspelled the word 'the.' I know about the problem, but am too lazy to fix it.)

These are the general pictures above. Chloe's favorite animal was the chimpanzee. She through a fit when we left them. She kept making their noise as we walked away; people were staring. Anytime we were near monkeys, chimps, gorillas, lemurs, anything monkeyish looking she'd "hoo hoo haa haa." The giraffes weren't out, which was disappointing, especially when you walk so far to see them. Chloe kept saying ,"raff, raff?" I told her, "They're sleeping." Although Matt and I could see them behind their fence. She did get to see the elephants. Those are a Chloe favorite. We watched them for about 15 minutes. All the passersby got to hear Chloe's rendition of an elephant noise.

Below is the main reason I wanted to go to the zoo. They are having "Feather Fest."

"What's 'Feather Fest'?" you ask.

Well, you get to feed birds. Good times.

I think I had more fun than Chloe, feeding the birds. Matt stayed with Cooper outside the tent and Chloe and I went at it alone. That is the reason my hand is in a bunch of the pictures. I was trying to get birds on my stick for Chloe and take pictures at the same time; it's hard. She kept trying to give hugs, kisses and groom them, so they kept flying off. When I tried to get the big parrot, the sucker stole my stick!

It's a lot of fun!! I recommend the Tulsa Zoo!!

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