Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Supply & Demand

The world revolves around two words and a conjunction-Supply and Demand.

Breast-feeding is much like the U.S's oil supply. Hang with me a moment and I will make funny, but perfect sense.

The reason it now costs us $75.00 to fill our F-150's gasoline tank is simply greed and greed. But if you take the greed out of it, your left with a little residue of greed, but lets just completely remove all traces of greed within oil companies and take it for face value.

When demand is high and supply is low it costs me $75.00 to fill my tank. When demand is low and supply is high (which is never I know) the cost to fill my tank is like $40.00.

Well, folks, demand is high and supply is low in the 'milk making' industry.

I pump the boob well, 5 times a day. There for a while I was in the 'low demand, high supply' stage of life. Oh how times have changed.

I had to resort to foreign oil (milk) today to fill up Cooper's tank. Yup, the days of home produced oil (milk) is over.

There was a time when Nellie Johnstone (that's B'ville's first commercial oil) runneth over, but that day has come and gone.

(It is now a 'sight seeing' thing. "Come one, come all to the first oil producing well in Bartlesville. Isn't she pretty?"

"Uhh, mister tour guide, sir? Does it still work?"

"No, son that's why we ship our crude in from other parts of the world that hate us. Isn't it clever? That's why your mommy and daddy can't afford to send you to college anymore, they had to pay to fill up their truck.")

(This is Nellie today, she's had a make over.)

What comes with buying foreign oil is cost. The cost to fill Cooper's tank went from 7oz. 5 times a day to 8oz. 5 times a day, now the out of pocket expense went up as well.

I am mixing foreign oil with home pumped oil, and for now all is well (no pun intended). He had two bottles of the stuff this evening and is doing good. He has a little more gas (the poopy variety) but he seems to not care.

I think my body is drying up the well (making the decision for me). I've been wanting to stop, but have been feeling guilty b/c Chloe got pure breast milk until she was 7months. I just want to get back to some normalcy with my body. It's sad though, I love my little boy, but I figure when he's 20 and old enough I'll tell him.

"Honey, I love you very much, but Chloe got breast milk longer than you." Then he'll curse me out and never speak to me again.

Haha just kidding. I'm sure he won't care.


  1. You are so silly! Maybe the "Milk Makers" will go back to normal size and then you can wear your clothes again :)

  2. That hilarious! I had to start giving Eli formula at 2 months and I didn't even try with Nic.

  3. Love it!! I have always had plenty of milk, but my youngest was too lazy so we went to formula by 2 mo. (that costs about as much as filling a car up with gas each week).

    Cute Blog. Here I am a visitor and I dive in on the breast feeding talk. Hope thats okay.


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