Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Ask, He'll Speak

The Scene: Silence. Chloe and Cooper are napping. The smell of Folgers Gourmet coffee fills the air. (Pretty soon Starbucks will fill the air b/c their new location here in B'ville just opened. Although McD's coffee is mighty tasty, but I prefer coffee with my creamer.)

I begin to say a little prayer.

"Hey God, I haven't heard a lot from you lately. Ya, I know it's my fault, I've been lazy and into my blogging. Sooo, I'd like to hear from you today, but please be gentle."

I open up my Bible and read a little in Psalms before Cooper started hollering because his leg is stuck again in the crib slats. (We had to remove the bumper because he rolls to his belly now and I'm scared he'll get stuck against it.)

Matt calls and asks me to get all the account numbers on our loan application. (For our move.) He says he'll be home around 4 to take it to the people.

4:15pm and he gets the paper work and heads off. I can see the excitement in his eyes. I am the pessimist in this marriage, so I don't get excited until I see results. I haven't even really looked at 'For Sale' homes because I'm getting ready for not good news.

5:15pm and he's back with paper work in hand and he looks peeved.

"What happened?"
"They require 5% down with all applications. I told them 'thank you very much, but I'll not waste anymore of your time because we don't have that kind of money on hand.' I said it in a nicer tone though." He tells me while emptying his pockets.
"OK, that's fine. We'll just stay here for a while no biggy. But did you ask about the money we could possibly make from the sale of our house?"
"No...." he goes on with more but I'll spare you.

So God spoke yesterday. We aren't to move at this moment. When Matt said no, I felt an odd sense of relief and I kind of laughed inside because I knew at that moment God was being gentle and I thought, "I don't have to work my butt off trying to get this house ready." (Although I have a lot of butt I could spare.) I told Matt about asking God to tell me something today...

"Huh, well, you're right. We've been praying that all would work itself out and this didn't so we'll shop around and just see and wait."

The reality of it is because people all over the U.S bought too much home with out too much money, I have to suffer the consequences. It's too bad people ruined it for those of us who pay our mortgages and bought a house we could afford. Oh well right?

The point of this wasn't to be all 'boo hoo woe is me.' It was just to tell you how cool it was that I asked God to reveal himself to me today and He did... and he was gentle.


  1. and how cool it is that you will probably be there when I come up for a visit! Mark your calendar. Tues, Oct. 14. I'm hoping for some snuggle time with Cooper while Chloe dominates Camden. :-)


For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. -Corinthians 5:14