Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not Much Happening

With out Chloe, life around the casa seems kind of boring. It's odd though, she hasn't been here since Wednesday night and I feel more tired now than when she's home! I'll get my energy back on Monday night; that's when we go pick her up.

I was reading the Sunday paper; Tulsa World. There was an article about birds singing at night.

Now this may not interest you at all, but I am very much interested on this topic seeing how there is a mockingbird who regularly annoys me with his nightly vocals. Pretty his singing may be, it's odd and disturbing. I keep asking myself, "Is he trying to tell me something? Should I be heeding to his songs of danger? Or maybe he's just looking for a one night stand."

So the article was about none other than (drum roll) birds singing after dark!!

If you get bored, or have a problem with the birds singing at night around your house. This article may help explain this odd phenomenon.

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