Sunday, September 7, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Political Soapbox?

There it is, thanks.

So I'm back on it again, that soapbox of mine. I'm sure many of you own soapboxes, you just may not use them as I choose to use mine. That's fine, I don't hold it against you, so don't hold it against me when I step up on mine. I've said before that I am a journaler. I love to write things down and since this blog, I now enjoy typing things down; much faster.

The topic I am undertaking while on my soapbox? POLITICS! (oohh, aahh, boo, hiss, gasp, click on the next blog, talk about me you may)

I'm just going to lay it all out there, I mean I chose to get up here in the first place, so I will not hold anything back.

I have decided that I really like Palin; the VP nominee from Alaska.

I don't really agree with McCain or Obama, but I like that Palin is 100% pro-life. That alone is enough to get my vote. I, personally, can't vote for someone who is pro-choice. Does the fact that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant? No. Why? Because my sister got pregnant at 16, does that mean my mother was a bad mom b/c she chose to work instead of staying home with my sister and I? No. Has anyone thought about the fact that Palin's daughter didn't get pregnant with out help. My Chloe Joy may come home one evening and break the very same news to her father and I. (I pray that doesn't happen.) Or Cooper Matthew could come home and say his girlfriend is pregnant. The same could happen to you, even though you raised them differently. I just like her and it doesn't bother me that she chooses to work.

There is much more I could say about how I feel, but I'll move on to my next topic.

OPRAH. (oooh, aahh, gasp, boo, hiss, Oh no she di' 'int) Oh yes I did.

I've been straddling the fence on my like or dislike of Oprah, long before campaigns. I don't care that she supports Obama; I mean really isn't that expected? I don't care about the fact that she was boohooing her eyes out during his speech; isn't that expected as well? (*cough* yes) Should she be required to have Palin on her show? Absolutely not! Has she had Obama on? Yes. Was it before he was running for Pres.? Yes. Does it really matter? To me, yes. It just proved to me that Oprah is slightly partial to say the least. I will say, with much caution and nervous fingers, Oprah is pro-women until something better comes along: an African American man. (Oh no she di' 'int just say that.) I'm afraid I did. Take it or leave it, but like I said this is my journal, not yours. Please don't hate me. (here is the article.)

Come 4:00pm on CBS will I be tuning in to Oprah? Nahhh. What if she chooses to have Palin on? I might watch, but ultimately I have been thinking I probably shouldn't entertain her ideals anymore and I guess I won't. There are just some things I shouldn't support. Should you watch Oprah? SURE!!! I don't care what you watch, say, eat, drink, smell, wear, drive, how you vote, or how big your feet are.

Next topic: CELEBRITIES BACKING CANDIDATES (oooh, here she goes again, stepping on toes) Sorry, you should move your feet.

Does it bother me that celebrities back certain people they like? NO NO NO!! Here is what my sign would say:

I may not be a celebrity,
my vote counts the just the same.

Excuse me, please stop throwing tomatoes at me, I warned you this was only my opinion. If you'd like, you can borrow my soapbox if you have misplaced yours.


  1. Now you are just hilarious, not many people would post anything about politics. I like Palin too, not quite sure why but I do. Not to fond of the Oprah shannanigans either, with her better than thou persona. Great post, I got such a kick out of reading it.

  2. I was wondering when some one was going to get Political on here! I'm right beside you! I'm thinking about my soap box but haven't had the time to get on it yet!

  3. Stop apologizing! :) I loved your soapbox. I'd like to stand on it with you. :) Oprah does a lot of good things with her money, but at the same time, she sucks. Wish she'd have her own opinion about something. She condones everything and never really speaks her mind I don't think. Anyways...I'm all in for Palin & McCain. Obama's just a show piece with no real leadership experience. He scares me.

  4. If you've misplaced your soapbox, you can borrow mine. That's awesome!


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