Sunday, September 21, 2008


What a great weekend I had with the family. Last year wasn't that great for me. I was pregnant with Cooper and things were still uncertain. He also caused me to have morning, afternoon and night sickness. So this year, I was looking forward to walking, playing and taking pictures with my new lens.

We arrived at Keystone State Park on Thursday afternoon.

We rent out two one bedroom cabins and a three bedroom. It's perfect. If the family continues to grow we are going to have to expand our rentals.

Papa was able to get lots of Cooper lovin'. Cooper was able to share his cuddly, smiley and sleep on anyone side with whom ever held him.
This is Matt's mom, otherwise known to Chloe as Mama. The first thing Chloe would say in the morning, "Mama, Papa arrrre you? Arrrrre you Mama, Papa?" She wouldn't eat or drink anything until we left our cabin to find them.
Once everyone has arrived, we take family pictures.

Matt's brother is in the far background and his youngest brother and sister are holding the cameras.

They are attempting to get a picture of all the grandkids with Mama and Papa. This is usually the breaking point for the kids. It was for Chloe. She refused to let go of her silky. But in her defense she was napless and had just hit her head on the concrete.
After the pictures were taken and every child was good and angry, we started dinner. The kids played and the adults maintained their safety.
The first morning is next.... stay tuned.

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