Monday, September 29, 2008

Negative On Fitness Together

I called Fitness Together today to see how much they would take me for to continue to go.

(If you want to hear the exact numbers just email me.)

They charge more than I can feel good about, so it looks like we are off to join the 'not very pretty' YMCA.

When the guy was telling me the prices, my eyes began to water b/c I knew it would be wrong to say yes.

So I called Matt and told him it was a negative. He felt bad for me b/c he knows how badly I want to look 'hot' again. He said, "I'm sorry Megan. Why don't you go up and join the Y?"

I had to stop talking b/c my voice was about to crack-I was starting to cry. I didn't want him to hear me, it would make him feel bad.

The reality is, there are more pros to the Y than to FT. I think I just wanted to bring 'Linda' along with me. I didn't need FT, the facility, I need 'Linda!'

With the Y, I can swim, Chloe and Cooper can swim, Matt can work out and I can work out when Matt is at work b/c of the child-care.

My pitty party is over and I'm off to join the Y.

Maybe they will have a 'Linda.'


  1. So sorry to hear, if it is the same price as the one in Owasso it is a little hard to swallow. Hope you like the Y, I'm checking into the one in Claremore while Eli is in school. Let me know how you do. Good Luck!!

  2. Hey Megan, see if there is still a lady at the Y named Kelly. We went to her powerlifting class (which was killer), and she also does personal training. She went through a dramatic weight loss herself when we lived in B'ville, so maybe she can train you. She's a great gal---very no-nonsense type.


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