Monday, September 22, 2008

Vacation Day 2

Matt and I had a one bedroom cabin that can sleep four. A couch/bed and a bedroom. Chloe slept in a pack'n'play in the bedroom. Matt and I had the luxurious couch that turned into a hospital bed. Did I say hospital bed? A hospital bed is more comfortable than what we slept on. Anyways, Cooper was in another pack'n'play in the living area with us. He usually wakes up and poops around 7:00am. I could hear him grunting, squirming and kicking so I opted to get up. I changed him, grabbed my camera and headed out the door and around the park.

That is the lake in the middle of the trees. It was covered in fog, but just about everything was. It was really pretty.
The big yellow dot on the left is the sun. I was trying to play with it, but it sure does rise fast when you want it to go slow.
More fog.
This is my nephew, Nathan. He and the other kids, brought their bikes with them. I think they rode those bikes every minute of the day. This picture of him was taken at 7:55am. He was hiding.
Matt's sister and the brother just under him went for a run. I really wanted to go, but I'm still working on normalcy in the middle/upper region of my body.

This is Tiffany, she is the second oldest grandchild and the oldest niece in the family. I watched Chloe interact with her and Chloe loves her to death. I could tell Tiff loved her too. It was cute.

So the kids are up, most by 6:00am and the gopher thought he'd get a little house work done. I have never seen a live gopher before!! Growing up, they were all dead, killed by the trap my dad would set. This one here had no fear. Have you ever seen a live gopher?

This is Micah, Nathan's little brother. He's just a few weeks younger than Chloe. He loves dirt, especially the mounds created by our little gopher friends.
Here's five of the nine grandkids. This is all of the boys minus Coop. The tallest boy is Tyler. He's Tiffany's brother and the oldest of the grandchildren. All of the boys look up to him, literally and metaphorically.

No one worry, Mama has arrived. She gave all the boys a little magnifying thingy. She comes prepared when there are going to be kids; she's a Grandma.

This is Tim, Matt's youngest brother. He's the father of Nathan and Micah.

This is my babies daddy.

This is our baby, one of them. The lighting on these two pictures is bad. I'm still learning about sun location. Anyways, Coop's bald head was getting some sun, so we grabbed the nearest hat which just happened to be Tiff's princess hat. Wouldn't he make a beautiful girl? HAH, I just realized I have one of those already, but Coop would make a cute girl, pink would be his color.

Where's Chloe? She got up a little after 8:00am and at 9:00am she asked Matt if she could go "nigh, nigh." She slept for 3.5 hours and then wanted to go to bed that night around 8:00pm. She had been napless for almost 3 days and was exhausted. She slept so well, I was a proud momma.

That pretty much sums up the morning. After all the adults had their morning coffee everyone was ready to go. It's basically zone defense all weekend, but each parent is in man on man mode unless you have three children then it's back to zone D.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Your kiddos are too cute! My boys share the early morning poop with Cooper.


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