Monday, September 22, 2008

Take A Child Fishing

I believe a child's life can be changed by one thing.

Growing up, I can remember my dad taking me fishing on our boat one time. It was so much fun. He never took me again.

It took another man to get me fishing again.

I married him.
Before we had kids, we would talk about taking them fishing, hunting, camping and anything outdoors. I would tell the story about my Dad to Matt and we would both agree to replace that boundary stone for our children. What an honor we have.
He looks good with Chloe's princess pole.

So while at the lake, we (the family) took all the kids fishing.

Levi caught the first fish. I am on the other side of the pond using my new zoom lens to take pictures of the family. This is what I heard when Levi caught his, I believe, first fish. "I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT!" It was so cute, he conquered the world by catching that 3.5" perch.
There's a fish on the line!!

This is Nathan's first fish. Uncle Matt threw the line out and Nathan did the rest all by himself.

Tiffany and her Dad fishing together. Memories for both.

After Nathan caught his fish, Chloe thought she'd try with Dad.

SUCCESS!! They caught a fish!! Do you see Chloe grabbing Matt's hand? She was trying to high tail it out of there. She wanted nothing to do with that slimy fish. We're going to have to work on that.

But Micah was interested.

Then Chloe thought, "Well, maybe I'll look at it, but only from afar."

Tyler got the award for "Biggest Catch." He caught a big ol' nasty catfish.

Tim's son, Nathan, caught a fish so Tim thought, "Hmm, even though I dislike the outdoors and seed tics, I think I can handle this fishing thing with a girly pole thing."

Nathan has the stance down. See how his left foot is slightly higher than the right. That is proper 'fishing form.' If you fish you know what I mean. One legs ALWAYS has to be higher than the other.

So Chloe when a dragonfly lands on your arm and you freak out...

Remember, there's always 'rogs' to catch with daddy.

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  1. She is just too cute, I love the reaction to the fish! Glad you guys had a great time, sounds like a lot of fun. Are there only two girls in all the grandkids? We have seven boys and two girls.


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