Monday, September 29, 2008

Mmmm Paint

I needed a shower and I needed one bad.

So I put Chloe in her chair with her water color paints, a paint brush, water and paper. I turn on Elmo. (Don't judge me.)

I put Cooper in his bed.

"Chloe, mommy is going to take a shower. Can you paint me a picture of Elmo?"


"Ok, thank you. I will hurry."

My house is around 1000 sq. feet. I can spit from my bathroom into the living room and hit you square between the eyes.

I'm in the shower and I hear, "Mommmeeee, arrrre youuuuu? Mommeeee, arrrre youuuuu?"

"I'm in the shower, Chloe!"

"Oh. Mommeeeee, arrre youuuu?" This continues until I get out.

I walk in the living room and this is what I find. I warn you the following pictures are graphic and out of focus.

"Are you eating the paint?"


"You're gonna take a bath." I walk back to the bathroom to get the water ready.

"Mommmeeee, arrrrre youuuuu?"

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  1. Oh, the life of a mom! *grin* Your kids are adorable... and I don't judge you! I put the baby signs video on for Co and put him in highchair for the same reason!


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