Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dave Ramsey

I listen to Dave Ramsey in the afternoons while I attempt to scrapbook. (I'm feeling guilty b/c I haven't worked as hard on Cooper's first year scrapbook as I did for Chloe. I am slowly getting it together.)

Anyways, he has been talking in great length about the 'Bailout Plan.'

I, personally, am not for it. I feel like Bush and everyone getting paid by me, is trying to scare me to believe this is the best idea-I disagree. (My opinion) I do think things will get 'not pretty' but I truly believe things will be just fine. The sky is not falling, the fat lady hasn't sung, Matt's 401K will recover and God is still Good.

If you like Dave, or if you don't, here is a link to read what he thinks should be sent to our Senators and Representatives. If you don't agree-don't send it, send something else. We all are lucky enough to have the privilege to agree or disagree.

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  1. Thanks for posting this link...its all very confusing to me


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