Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In A Fog

Do you ever have those days where you are so tired you wish your kid(s) could and would watch Sesame Street or TV all day long?

Today was one of those days.

I got up early this morning; 7:50. That's early for me. I wanted to attempt to get some 'things' done before the kids got up ie, drink a cup of coffee, pump, make breakfast, eat and possibly read. As soon as my alarm went off and I got up, I could hear a stirring in Cooper's room; he was already awake. So I pump and that's all I could get done. About 8:20, I finish and get Cooper. He had pooped, no wonder he was awake.

I feed him, he poops again. I change him again.

I start to get Chloe's breakfast ready and I am going to bake myself some muffins. There's only literally 1 cup of milk left. Do I sacrifice and give it to Chloe or do I make her sacrifice? She can have juice. If I give her that last cup of milk I won't have anything to eat. (We need to go to the store, but have been putting it off.) I make her take one for the team; I use the milk.

Sesame Street comes on at 9:00am. Chloe and I curl up in the recliner around 9:45. I just want to sit there all day and not move.

A friends calls and invites us over. I say yes, but I really just want to go to sleep, but that isn't possible so I should at least get out and maybe that will help.

I grab a huge travel mug and fill it up with creamer and a shot of coffee and head over to her house. Chloe does some things that would normally lead to never being invited over again. I see her do these things and I re-act, but probably not how I should have. I am just too tired to even care. I try to get on to her best I know how. (She hit their dog in the head with a toy.)

We go outside and I see her, but I'm kind of out of it. Thankfully the other mom would tell her when she shouldn't do something.

Just one of those days. I tried drinking creamer and coffee, but that didn't work!

If this entry is odd, it's because my mind quit working at approximately 7:50 this morning and I can't find the ON switch.

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