Monday, March 16, 2009

The Answer Is...

Let me remind you of the question.

The cost of tires is $60.00 with a 30% discount for 6 pairs or more. How much would it cost to replace the tires of 5 cars (not including spares)?

Let me tell you how I figured this out. This might get a little elementary at times, please bear with me.

5 cars would have 20 tires. 20 tires would be 10 pairs which is more than 6 pairs and the discount says '6 PAIRS or more' so take the 10 pairs times $60.00 and that equals $600.00 (quit judging me right now!) then take 600 times .30 (the discount) and the answer is 180. Soo subtract the 180 from 600 and you get $420!!! wahoo I did it.

Matt checked my answers, "You got the tire one wrong."
"What!? No I didn't!! You are wrong! Look at it, the question makes you think in order to GET the discount they have to be bought in PAIRS!! 6 PAIRS it says!"

"No, you don't work the problem as pairs, you multiply... " blah blah blah blah, I'm smarter than you, blah puck blah is what I heard after that b/c I quit listening.

AND so have you know, I did this test all alone, just me and my tingling leg, arm and mushy brain.

So for those of you, Kara, who came up with $420, you receive the award for 'Trying To Score The Best Deal.'

And for those of you who agree with Matt you get ummm to imagine me drinking a chai latte while you paid $840 dollars for tires and I paid $420.

No really, you got the job and Kara and I didn't.


  1. That question is ambiguous. lol I just assumed that $60 was for 1 tire.

    same math... just assuming $60/tire not $30/tire.

    oh im such a math geek. I want more word problems!

  2. Haha, that was fun. I was worried when I went to post my answer and it was completely different than everyone elses. Thanks for making us think!

  3. Kara, I came up with the same answer as you!!!


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