Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Ode To Oklahoma

(Sung to the song "OKLAHOMA" Keep in mind I am not a song writer.)

OOOOO-klahoma where the snow falls at the end of March. And the waving wheat would sure smell sweet if it wasn't covered with frost. OOOOOO-klahoma every night my honey, kids and I, plan a trip to the park then change the mark because we're frozen in until JULY!

We know we belong to the land (yes sir), and the land we belong to is fickle and then we say, "YOOOW, I yip I owe EEE BRRRRR." We're only saying you're doin fine Oklahoma, Oklahoma. OK, honey will you thaw out my car?!

Now where's my chai latte? It's cold out here!!


  1. Love it!! We lost power and had to spend about 5 hours with the in-laws. It worked out just fine because I had extra help and Levi is sick. Poor kid =(


  2. That is funny. We got snow too and had a very lazy day. Loved the song. Maybe you could sing it next time I see you :).

  3. love the pics! especially the purple tree:) We too have snow! Gotta love Oklahoma!

  4. Wow you got more snow than we did! Great job on the song! Made me smile!

  5. Great song! You should submit it to somebody--too good not to be published.

    You could always try the Examiner-Enterprise!

  6. Great pictures and love the song! I didn't know you could write songs. Where were those on the way to softball games in high school? We lost power for about two hours but luckily it was right before nap time and come up right before time to get up.

  7. Love the song!! Very talented, Megan!! :)


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