Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a Sign

Yes, my friends, Coop has finally decided to take a step, not a physical step, but a language step. He finally journied into....*drum roll* sign language world.

He is more reluctant to sign than Chloe Joy was. She still signs to this day. It's funny. I'll say, "Say please." She'll say, "Peeeez." while rubbing her heart. Very sweet.

Now Coop, I'll tell him, "Say milk." while I sign it. He'll say, "Daddaddad, aaaahhhhh, *squeal in frustration, reach for his milk* grrrrrr" Until we had a breakthrough. A moment.

A few days ago, I thought I'd try try again. So I signed milk while giving it to him. I wasn't even looking. I wasn't expecting a response other than the previous response.

I glance up at him and he is signing like crazy, milking the cow with his little hand. It was so funny.

Now, he has it figured out.

Matt changes Coop before he heads off to work. That's around 6:00am. Matt told me that this morning when he leaned over Cooper's crib, he was signing away. "milk, milk, milk, milk"

Yeah, I do not rise at 6:00am. Coop went back to sleep and got milk later.

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  1. oh that is sooooooooo exciting! I love teaching the lil ones signs.

    my baby knows 'more' and his own sign for for 'phone'.

    isnt it amazing when they can talk to you?


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