Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brain Teaser & Answer

Ok, so I'm totally not a math buff, BUT I do enjoy a good puzzle every once in a while. I'm an addict of the cryptograms and sudoku. I thought it would be fun to give a problem that didn't require a calculator, spouse or prayer.

Here it is.

There are 6 pails, 3 of the pails are filled with water. Can you move only one pail and make a pattern of: full pail, empty pail, full pail, empty pail, full pail, empty pail?

Give me your answers and don't be tempted by the google feature installed on most internet surf programs.

This may be too easy for some of you, we'll work up to the hard stuff.
You guys are too smart!! Your answers are correct! Good job!


  1. pick up bucket #2, pour its contents into bucket #5, then return the empty bucket to its original location.

    only moved one bucket.

  2. I thought this might be too easy for you!!! :)

    How did becoming a mother not turn your brain into mush. I swear I was smarter pre-kids.

  3. Pick up bucket #2 and pour it into bucket #5. Then put it back down in the same place.

  4. I agree with the put contents of bucket #2 in #5:)


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