Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Is A Test

The company Matt works for requires you to take a test; a math test, if you will. It consists of many questions, some of which I found very hard. No, who am I kidding ALL of which I found very hard!

Tonight, I wanted to see just how dumb I truly am (when it comes to math). So I took the test.

There was a question that I feel needs to be asked to my friendly readers. I want to know how you would answer this question, then in a few days or so, I'll give you my answer.

The cost of tires is $60.00 each with a 30% discount for 6 pairs or more. How much would it cost to replace the tires on 5 cars (not including spares)?

Leave your answer and good luck and no cheating.


  1. Ok. I came up with $840 as well. I sure hope that is right.

  2. I have to agree with the other two. I came up with $840 as well. Math was not my best subject in school, but so far the odds seem to be in my favor on this one.

  3. $840 is my answer...but I stink at math:)

  4. Aaron and I also came up with $840.


  5. I got $420 because I didn't read that it said $60 each. But is that each tire or each pair of tires. So my answer is $420 for each pair of tires if you need 10 pairs at $42/pair. But I guess $840 would be if it meant $60 per tire. I guess I am your difficult friend :).


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