Friday, March 20, 2009


I just thought I'd blog about something, anything, just to move the
photo of 'Her' lower and out of view. So here are a few pictures of Chloe. She is picking her lip b/c there is skin hanging and it drives her nuts, so she pulls on it.

Let me tell you a little ditty about Chloe. She's just like me. Ok there's the ditty. She hates it when her hands are dirty. (Me too) If something is out of the norm, like it's not where it should be, it drives her bonkers!. (Me too) If Cooper doesn't have his silky every minute of every day, it sends her hunting for it to give to him. (That's all her) She can't handle trash on the floor. (Ya, kind of me) She doesn't handle chaos well, but neither do I. But she does love to smile and watch cartoons. (That's the both of us.)

She walked around the house most of the afternoon wearing her tutu I made her forever ago. She is slowly entering that 'dress up' phase. I say slowly b/c dress up would consist of her putting on something over her clothes and that tends to bother her. BUT I think she loves the tutu b/c she looks like Abby from Sesame Street and Chloe loves to dance.

The picture is kind of blown out. She was sitting in front of the window, it's the only way I can get enough light in the house. Ohh how I long for that lens. If I had that lens, I could take a picture without having to sit in front of the window.


  1. Blown out or not Chloe is beautiful and wonderful and I want to borrow her again. Maybe sometime this summer before I get HUGE. BTW...I love the pants you passed my way. Thanks!


  2. She looks so much like her PERTY Momma! We need to plan our get together for this summer...any ideas?


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