Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Bargain Box

Before kids I had, what I feel was, a nice body. After kids I have, what I feel is, not so much. So before Cooper was born, I decided to get rid of my 'pre-kids' clothing. I mean lets face it people, I am not going to get into spring/summer clothes before September 21, or whenever fall is. I am just being realistic. A local store, Bargain Box, will take your seasonal clothes, put them up for sale and if any of them sale within I think 3 months, they will mail you a check for the amount. If none of them sale, then it is considered a donation. Not a bad deal.

I took some really really nice clothes up there. I hated letting them go but I was facing a hard truth. I was going to put them up for sale on e-bay, but who knows if they will sell and e-bay can be time consuming. I may spend 2 hours typing a description and may make $1.00; not worth it. Taking my clothes to this place, I may get money and if I don't then it's a donation.

Yesterday, I got an $11.48 check in the mail!! It doesn't seem like very much considering I probably took a couple hundred dollars worth of clothing, but seriously, this was so much easier. I plan on taking my spring/summer maternity clothes and some baby girl clothes up there this week. Hopefully, someone will buy those!

This place is non-profit, look for a place like that in your town!

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