Thursday, June 12, 2008


On Saturday, which seems like forever ago, I woke up early ready to go. Usually I struggle to get out of bed, but I must have gotten some really good sleep. I fed Cooper at 7:00am, cleaned up around the house, got myself cleaned up, cooked breakfast, drank some coffee and headed out to Sunfest.

On my way out the door, I realized I forgot something, so I went back into the house and this is what I saw on the screen door handle.

Mr. Little Frog, or as Chloe says, "rog." Too cute. Her ribbit is even cuter.

On my way back out of the house for the second time I decide to look down.

That is the one that didn't get away. Poor guy, I felt awful all morning; no joke. I think I even teared up once I got into the truck and Matt couldn't see me. After seeing my destruction, I thought I should save the one on the handle. I had him crawl on my hand so I could put him in our bushes.He sure is a cute little guy/girl. He's not your normal frog. I think he is some sort of tree frog. He had unique tree frog feet. I also turned my hand upside down to see if he would fall off; he didn't, she stuck to me like glue. It was really neat.

On Monday or Tuesday morning, what ever day it rained so much, I pulled the blinds up for Chloe to look outside and there on the window was Mr. Little Frog!! I was so excited, I took a ton of pictures. They aren't fantastic, seeing as how he is the size of a nickel and my camera had a hard time focusing on him.

He's been hanging around the house all week! He will probably make another appearance if it rains tonight and/ or tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Megan,
    Your grandma had a regular little frog visitor....she loved when it came to visit her...she never knew when he would decide to show himself....
    I love the pictures...
    love you.
    Auntie Jeannie


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