Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Return of the Frog(s)

I have a frog that has been hanging around our house since the torrential rains started just over a week ago. This evening, I opened the door to see just how bloody hot it really was (it was awful by the way) and I look down on our 'Welcome' mat and this is what I saw...

When I got outside to take his picture I scared him and he started hopping away. I attempted to get him to hop on my hand, which he did. He then proceeded to hop up my arm, onto my back and then onto our porch post.

As we, Matt and I, were trying to get his picture I look to my right and notice ANOTHER frog and Matt is about to crush him! I began to panic and by doing so I freak Matt out; he doesn't know why I am spazing out. I can't get the words, "Watch out! I think that is another frog!" out of my mouth. He lifted his foot and then put it down, I felt like someone put a knife through my heart; I thought he killed it. I was going to be sad. I said, "YOU KILLED HIM!"

"Calm down Megan, he's right there." he says completely annoyed by my psychoticness over these frogs. What Matt doesn't understand is I stay at home all day and it's the little things in life that I find joy and distraction in. Like the red bird on Friday, who ate the ginormous worm in our back yard. I saw him attack and eat that worm like a snake eating a sheep. (I have pictures of the snake, see the end of this blog) I need my neighbors to be crazy and I need the wildlife to continue to come around or else I am going to go crazy.
Here is the second frog. They are starting to turn from brown to green, which proves my theory of them being a type of tree frog; and the tips of their 'fingers.'

This is a picture of one of the two frogs. I took this about a week ago, notice he used to be brown.

I am going to warn you about the pictures of the big snake. He looks like something you would see in a scary movie. These pictures were sent to me and there is a story behind it. Apparently a sheep farmer, not around here, kept losing sheep and he didn't know what was getting them. Then one day he discovered the snake stuck under the fence. The reason he got stuck? He has a sheep in his belly. You can see the bulge in the second picture.


  1. Ah, thank you. However I feel the need to say that story is part fact, part fiction. I always wished that was something we did, but alas, it never happened. Maybe I should add the caveat on my blog that not all posting are 100-percent fact, sometimes they are partly fiction and sometimes based on dreams ... like this one was. :)

  2. I will have nightmares now, b/c of that snake! Thanks!

  3. You're blocked? I was playing with my settings, but no one should be blocked. Hmm, I am going to play around some more, please leave me a comment so I know that you're back on!

    (Also, send me your e-mail address so I can add you to all my lists of preferred readers ...)


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