Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Let me say upfront, I am for vaccination, but not against anyone who chooses not to vaccinate. I take the approach of, 'you do what you want with your children and I'll do what I want with mine and I will still love you.'

Cooper went to his 2 month appointment today, he's 2 weeks late which is my fault. Right around his 2 month visit I mentioned to a friend about vaccines. I can't even remember exactly what I said or how the conversation came about, but she mentioned Dr. Sears' book 'The Vaccination Book.' I had never heard of him or the book. I liked what she said the book was about; it was exactly what I was looking for, so I rented it from the library.

I put of Cooper's initial visit so I could be educated when I walked in there and said, "I would like to do the Alternative Vaccination Schedule please." I wanted to make sure I had my answers in case the Dr. wanted to question me about my choice. I will not go into the rigamarow on what the schedule is, but basically Cooper gets all his shots, just in different order and at different times.

Here is my conversation with Dr. Mc today. I'll set the scene. He has just finished examining Cooper and he's telling me how big he's getting and how great he looks blah blah blah. He turns his back to me to grab the chart and I say
"Cooper is supposed to get his shots today. Have you heard of Dr. Sears' Alternative Schedule for shots? I'd like to do that." The dr. starts making certain movements that either meant two things. One he thought that was a great idea or two he thought that was a terrible idea. I guess it meant number two, here's the rest in short.
"AAP puts out their schedule of when a child should be vaccinated blah blah blah and BLAH." He basically recited the stuff you hear on TV.
"I am not eliminating vaccines, I just want to reorder them. Like put off polio and Hep. B, those aren't important to him know and I want him to just get DTaP and Rotavirus today. He'll get the others at 3 months."
I guess he didn't listen because he says, "AAP puts out their schedule and that is what I go by and always will; I will not stray from it at all. I feel if a child doesn't get vaccinated for Pc and they get sick then it is my fault."
"How would it be your fault. That choice and blame falls on the parents ultimately, just like if he/Cooper gets sick from something because I postponed the shot, it's my fault. I wouldn't blame you. And let me clarify. I am not eliminating anything, he would get the Pc shot, just at 3 months not 2. He WILL get all his shots."
"Well, ok I just can't change."
"That's fine, just like you won't change, neither will I."
"Then I guess we agree to disagree."
"I guess so."
He then tells me how he will still be Cooper's dr. and I should go to the health department if I want to do that schedule. He also tells me, "I at least don't do like most dr.'s when a parents says that are not going to vaccinate, I will still see their child."
I just said "ok", there was no point in blurting out the double talk in that comment. I figured I'd call another dr. in the same building. My friend goes to him and she said he is open to the different schedule.

If you are curious about the book it's called The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. It really is a great book. There is so so so much info in it, but I feel like you would be all the wiser to educate yourself on what exactly is going into your child, you might be surprised, I was. FYI I AM vaccinating my child, don't worry and remember if you choose not to as Ross would say when Rachel says, "We are soooo over Ross!" He turns and says, "Ah oh ah oh! FINE BY ME!!!"


  1. I'm SO sorry for not emailing you back. We were out of town when I saw your comment. Funny things is, I was going to recommend you read the Dr.Sears Vaccination book. That's what I go by. I have a lot of friends who choose not to vaccinate at all...I just didn't have a complete peace about it. I really like the book. I bought it used on Amazon and it was cheap!!

  2. Did you do this with Chloe? Or are you doing it because Cooper is a boy and there are more factors that go into that part?

  3. Okay, one- I would have loved to see you and Dr.Mc have this conversation
    second- I SO cannot believe that you guys will not be in Bville when we move back up there. I'm SO happy that Matt has this fabulous opportunity, but I'm not gonna lie... I'm not to fond of a Knox-less Bville. Boo!

  4. Marla- Are you doing the schedule?

    Jessica-- No I didn't do the schedule with Chloe. I hadn't heard of the book yet. B/c he's a boy? Umm yes and no, after reading the book, which is very informative if you get nothing else from it, I decided to just space them out more; he's still getting them all.

    Amanda--Yea, he was annoyed, but whatever. I agree B'ville isn't B'ville w/o us. I guess Owasso is going to be graced with our presence.


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