Friday, June 20, 2008

Hold the Fat please...

See these two beautiful faces?

Oh do I love those faces.

Ohh do I hate what they've done to my body. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and next weekend (sigh). I'm looking forward to them both, but I wish I didn't have to wear any clothes. As odd as it sounds I think I would feel better about the skin and flab if I were naked.

I got my toes done this evening with a friend (thanks Jenn). After that I was told by Matt to go to the mall and try to find some things to wear ie. dress, shorts & anything I might like. How many husbands tell their wives to go shopping and to make sure to come home with something to wear? Not many. Did I come home with something to wear? NOPE!!

I walk into the 'mall' and my mission is to leave with at least one wearable item. I go to Gap. La D da, I grab a dress that is fitted just below the boobs and kind of flares out. I wanted that style to hide my baby hips. I also grab a white skirt and a camisole and drag my feet walking to the fitting rooms; I know how this is going to end. I put on the dress with the cami, squeeze my boobs into it and zip it up. "Maybe it will look better without the cami," I say to myself. I take the cami off and it still looks like I'm trying to smuggle something out of the store under my dress and it also looks like I've go two jiggly balloons of unequal size under the top portion (boob region) of the dress. Keep in mind I'm pasty white, and my arms jiggle as much as my uneven boobs. I've been doing push ups; to no avail. I've also been eating fruit and plain yogurt. I'll take a bite, dry heave, take a drink of water and start the steps over again. I can't get myself to enjoy eating fruit.

Back at the fitting rooms. I take the dress off, who am I kidding? I try on the skirt. I looked like an extra large marshmallow perfect for roasting. I take it off, put on my sports bra, t-shirt and capris and head to Dillard's. I am try to find Spanx. "I am going to have to squish everything down." I say.

No Spanx. I walk to JC Penny's, looking for Spanx.

Nope. I ask the elderly sales woman, "Do you have Spanx?"

"Uhh, no."

"Do you know what I'm talking about, the form fitting flaw hiding thing?"

"Yeah I know what you're talking about but I've never heard of that brand."

Say what? I just walk away.

I stop by Hallmark on my way out of the 'mall.' Maybe I can find a new diaper bag? DENIED YET AGAIN! I don't think I could have come home with something if it were given to me.

It's only been 2.5 months since I delivered my sweet boy, but goodness it's hard not feeling good about your body.

There will be more complaining at a later date. ;)


  1. I hear ya! My baby is 3 1/2 and I was determined to loose the "baby fat"...I did, and then somewhere btwn age 1 and 2 I stopped taking care of myself and gained it all back! lol...I inching very close to my 9 mo. prego weight! lol...even though it's NOT funny! I just did the dressing room dance a few hours mom had my little one and I thought it would be the perfect oppurtunity to try on and buy some new work/church clothes...wrong. First of all I'm still in denial so I always grab my "two years ago" size. It never fits so I go and get the size up, and the next size up and so on...unimpressed with how I look I leave empty handed. I hate fruit too. I am horrible about excercising...I always want instant results lol! So, it may not make the baby fat go away, but at least you know I'm right with you...every pound of me!

  2. And really, who hasn't heard of Spanx? I'm sure your body isn't as bad as you think. Don't be so hard on yourself, friend! :)


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