Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Squirrels Are Evil

While in my kitchen...

I often stare out the window to my ever so small and under-construction, backyard and observe the little creatures go about their day.

(The view)

Oh, the little butter, as Chloe calls them, he flies around and around in circles looking for, I have no idea what. He should be on Highway 75 heading south to Mexico-not sure if 75 even goes to Mexico, but he's got an internal Garmin, he'll be ok.

Anyways, I watch the butters flutter.

I watch the hummers hum. Although this particular hummer has already gone on vacation, I do believe. This picture was the last I saw of him-sign of the season.

While looking out, I noticed my backyard was under attack. Things were dropping out of the sky into the yard; brownish-orange in color.

"What the.... who is in my tree or who is in the sky? And why do they hate my backyard so much? I'm working on making it pretty."

I walk outside..... it stops. "Hmmm?" I begin my little CSI search of the ground. And like it is on TV, I found the brownish-orange colored items with out trouble.

(The shrapnel.)

(The culprit's ammo.)
I realize the sky is not falling, against what some Wallstreeters, Senators, Representatives and a President believe.

I am under attack though...

And the culprit is one of the two squirrels that enjoy stealing from my pecan tree and littering my yard with the debris. This makes it really fun while trying to mow. Luckily, I do abide by the 'Safety First' motto and wear my protective eye wear while mowing.

Because of a sermon I heard at, I no longer try to go near squirrels-they are evil. So if one is in your backyard throwing pecan shells at you, STAY AWAY! Just use your zoom lens, I would not suggest venturing very close.


You can watch that particular sermon here.

Jenn. I didn't tie the squirrel joke as much as I had planned. The sermon was "Going All the Way."


  1. That's okay, it still made me think of the sermon and the gasp and open mouth jaw drop I did when he said, "and the moral of this story is...don't pet the squirrel!" Way funny. :) I love Craig's sermons. :)

  2. cracking up...I am SO cracking up here.

    My sister's husband had a WAR with the squirrels at their house! The squirrels got into the roof, so he put cake up in the hole to draw them and sat nearby with a shotgun. No joke. HE was a man on a mission.

    As for our finances, our house closes today and I am so thankful. God has taken care of us and given us a lot of mercy in this complaints!

  3. It's so funny to me how some of the things Craig says in his sermons stick with us. Ben and I often refer to "Don't pet the squirrel". It's a classic, I guess! :-)


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