Monday, January 12, 2009

Drummer Boy

I know Christmas is over, the stockings shouldn't still be hanging, sugar plums are hibernating, and Santa is at the beach, BUT I am still finding myself singing Christmas songs. Every now and then I'll belt out Pavarotti's version of 'O Holy Night,' only to be looked at funny by the people in Wal-Mart and my children.

Since I go to the best church in the world, I thought I'd share a little video I found of a song they played for Christmas. Christmas is a big deal at lots of churches, but for it means adding around four extra services for Christmas.

I recently asked people their favorite Christmas songs and the response was overwhelming, all six of you I love. One person, I will not name names, was not fond of 'Little Drummer Boy.' I'm wondering if it was played like this if you would change your mind(s). You have to watch the whole video or you'll miss out on the special rendition halfway through. Tulsa 2008 Christmas Worship - Little Drummer Boy from Bill Aycock on Vimeo.


  1. is that the way the music always is at LifeChurch?

  2. Leann- The band is not usually one scaffolding, but they do do (ha) a big production for Christmas. Usually it's just a normal worship service with the band.

  3. That's really cool!!! DH and I are soooo not 'sing along with the organist' type of worship people.

    I've been thinking of visiting a Life Church near me here in OKC, and I think I've just been convinced.

    now to go check their website.
    thank you for posting that.


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